Nonprofits Compete for Talent

The nonprofit job market is getting more competitive as organizations recover from the recession and start expanding staff. NonProfit Talent Match has stepped in to fill a growing void in nonprofit executive recruitment.

Salaries and benefits are improving in the nonprofit sector as reported by The NonProfit Times in its 2015 Salary and Benefits Report. Talent is getting harder to acquire as the economy strengthens and labor demand tightens. Nonprofits are working to retain current staff and hire for new positions. HR managers are beginning to struggle. No matter how great the organization, if another organization offers more fulfillment on the job and in the pocketbook, critical staff will jump. It’s a balancing act to juggle nonprofit budgets, executive salaries and career mobility. NonProfit Talent Match helps organizations manage those challenges.

NonProfit Talent Match has made the jump from a leading industry job board to full service talent sourcing and management. The a-la-carte services allow organizations to search for candidates using tools ranging from a nonprofit job board with real-time job matching to executive search, candidate certification, temp-to-direct hire, career coaching, and even payroll and outplacement services.

The additional services are a result of a new partnership with Ability Professional Network. Ability Professional is known for its passion to help individuals find fulfilling employment. The collaboration with NonProfit Talent Match deepens Ability’s nonprofit outreach and grows staffing services for Talent Match. As a result, NonProfit Talent Match has established the leading benchmark for nonprofit employment services.

“NonProfit Talent Match and Ability Professional are passionate about helping people find jobs that not only pay the bills but are personally rewarding,” said Ken Lazar, Principal of Ability Professional. “When John McIlquham, CEO of The NonProfit Times, approached me with the idea, I knew instantly this was a game-changer,” he said. Tony Verdon, chief operating officer of NonProfit Talent Match agreed, “Career management is a significant challenge for nonprofits. This depth of service not only helps organizations find talent, it helps them keep talent.”

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