Jun 26

Teal Organizational Readiness Assessment – Try It!

Do you know your cholesterol levels? How about blood sugar? Blood pressure? Weight? Collectively, these are your biometric numbers and medical professionals urge each and every one of us to know our numbers.  And this has everything to do with…

Feb 07

StreetWise Recruiting Board Members

Streetwise is an incredible organization that has helped over 10,000 people work their way out of homelessness in Chicago (www.StreetWise.org). I have been honored to serve on the board for several years. This year, we are expanding our board—not by…

Jan 09

$2 Million+ for Gloria Steinem Endowed Chair

January 4, 2016 by Ms Magazine A little more than a year after launching a campaign to create an endowed chair in honor of modern American feminist Gloria Steinem, Rutgers University officials announced they have surpassed the $2 million mark…

Dec 04

Design will always be my first love

I started my career as a graphic designer—visual communication to be exact. Design remains my passion to this day, although the days of my hands-on design work receded long ago as the role of CEO, President, Chief Strategist, Client Engagement,…

Sep 20

Brent Adamson-The Challenger Customer

Last week, I made the time to hear Brent Adamson speak at BMA Chicago. Brent Adamson is the co-author of the best-selling book The Challenger Sale and spoke about his newest book, The Challenger Customer. It's always hard to get…

Aug 10

StreetWise Fundraising Gala Oct 1

TUNE IN to the 2015 StreetWise Fundraising Gala on October 1, 5:30-8:45PM at the Museum of Broadcast Communications. Become a sponsor, attend, or volunteer. We'd love to have you join us.  Find out more at streetwise.org  

Aug 05

Nonprofits Compete for Talent

The nonprofit job market is getting more competitive as organizations recover from the recession and start expanding staff. NonProfit Talent Match has stepped in to fill a growing void in nonprofit executive recruitment. Salaries and benefits are improving in the…

Jun 10

One Crab at a Time

I've always believed that an individual can change the world…just take a look at Albert Einstein, Gloria Steinem, Martin Luther King, Susan B. Anthony, Louis Pasteur, Gertrude Stein, Marie Curie, Galileo Galilei, Lech Walesa, Harriet Tubman, and yes, even Bob…

May 06

Meet the outsider who accidentally solved chronic homelessness

A great read! By Terrence McCoy, published in The Washington Post. The process of innovation is often one of mystery. Where does an idea come from? How do innovators find it? What makes them different from everyone else fumbling around…

Apr 22

What Is Eco-Feminism?

Authored by Sara Alcid April 22, 2015. Originally published on Everyday Feminism. I am writing this on Earth Day. It’s a day that many of us associate with recycling and celebrating trees, wildlife and rivers. And as a recreational tree-hugger, I…

Apr 15

Here’s Proof That Helping Homeless Isn’t About Donating.. It’s About Investing In Your Community

Authored by Robbie Couch, published by Huffington Post.  This nonprofit doesn't want your donation -- it wants you to "be selfish," actually. In an ad posted online last month, the Weingart Center points out that helping the homeless isn't simply…

Jan 01

Being a Philanthropist Without Money

Authored by Steven Crandell Published by Huffington Post.  People say philanthropy is only for the rich. This is a lie. When anyone gives anything with good heart, he or she becomes a philanthropist -- a conduit and a catalyst for…

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